Certisio offers 3 plans for both public (individual) and business companies. You can start immediatly and discover our service directly by downloading the mobile APP available on the Apple-APP-Store and the Google-Play store. Take several photos, trigger the certificate generation and have a look at the certificate document which includes all proof elements to be used for potential dispute or litigation.





Is the free plan really unlimited ?

Yes definitively. Users can create as many folders as they wish. Furthermore, the user can take photos and generate the related certificate with the same and common process for all plan. The user may repeat the same operation, over and over, at will.

All certificates have the same legal value for any plan ?

Yes. Common plans features can generate the same level of proof. Only the free plan can be suject to ads insertion within the certificate generated. Only one page is inserted at the top of the PDF. Currently, ads are disabled.

In practice what is the différence between PRO and CORPORATE plan?

Corporate plan includes numerous media in the same folder. Therefore, if you have many pictures and videos to send to third party it is strongly advised to choose corporate plan. The Pro plan is more convenient for small and medium companies with a small number of certificates generated every day. The Corporate Plan enables interface with legacy system. Pro Plan is purchased through the stores and allows a unique user with a valid apple-store account or google play account. Re-installation on the same or another smartphone device relies on the same mail account.

What is the price of certisio corporate plan

The price depends on the quantity of certificates generated per month and the type the subscription. Client may choose the way to buy and consume certificate services. No need for entities to be pre-defined

Any combinaison of situations listed above

When an interface is setup, the price will vary according to the workload, the complexity of legacy system and extra services implemented. The price relies also on the initial setup works, the settings and the final tuning, as well as the amount of certificate comsuption. All those elements are taken into consideration for the pricing proposale.

You may also consider as an alternative, the services provided directly by our partners who combine certificates generation with their own core-business services. Those transparent services strongly foster integration and enables special and unique features.