New Certified Photo Features


To foster the verification of the proof from data embeded within the pdf certificate issued from the mobile APP, Certisio adds a link in each photo page, on the buttom-left marked with a “paper clip” icon

Currently, each photo page contains a photo resized to quickly show the subject. When an user has to bring the proof of anteriority and integrity, applying all the process steps, he has first to show the sha256 of the file.

To view the icon, you have to open the pdf file in adobe acrobat reader and NOT ON THE NAVIGATOR. The reader enables the contextual menu with the link to save as …

Any recipient of a such pdf certificate could now simply right-click on the paper-link icon to extract the file on the computer. Then, it is straight forward to get the sha256 of this file. Here are some solutions :

  • Drag and drop the file in the page : and have a look at the line SHA-256
  • On the mac, type on the terminal : shasum -a 256 filepath
  • On the linux, type on the terminal : sha256sum filepath
  • On windows, type on the terminal : openssl.exe dgst -sha256 filepath

With this new feature, you don’t need anymore to extract manually the photo and save it. In return, the size of each photo is now double with an exception for the video

To get the comprehensive process of proof informations retrieval, please refere to the help page : Means to demonstrate the proof It explains, step by step, how to collect data and demonstrate your statements through certified photos on blockchain. Read here more about how to get the original file of each photo from the pdf so you can calculate the related hash-256

This feature will be released on 27/04/2021