Means to demonstrate the proof

We explain here how to use data from Mobile APP Certisio to provide proof to your target recipients. We assume you already downloaded, installed and started using it to generate PDF certificates. Otherwise, go to Google play store to get the mobile APP on your smartphone

The following steps should be processed for each photo or video taken from Certisio mobile APP

  1. When you receive a mail from certisio with the link to the PDF file, please save the file on your computer to avoid automatic and definitive deletion after 7 days from temporary certisio storage.
  2. Open the PDF certificate file. On the first page , click on the sha256 link to verify the blockchain record. Due to the merkle tree, it could take some hours to get the record. So you should just wait and try again later

    You should see a form page to verify if the blockchain record is done (validated 6 times minimum)

  3. Come back to the PDF certificate, on the first page of this file, click on the verify link to go the page of proof items

  4. Download and save the plain text file with the link [1]

  5. Download and save the ots proof file with the link [3]

  6. Go to the page :
  7. Click on the link STAMP & VERIFY link
  8. Drop the ots proof file you saved it on step 5, on the top field named “drop an .ots proof file to verify”

  9. Drop the txt file you saved step 4 on the field named “drop here the stamped file”

  10. After few seconds the OTS-verifier will display the results, based on the ots calendar servers