How Certisio Mobile App could help a process server

ACKNOWLEDGMENT. To acknowledge is to admit, affirm, declare, testify, avow, confess, or own as genuine. Admission or affirmation of obligation or responsibility. Most states have adopted the Uniform Acknowledgment Act.
Contributions of Certisio. Testinomy could be backed by the environment elements such as the presence of people, existence and state of object, actions set or ongoing, outcomes, operational conditions, etc.

JURAT (Oath or Affirmation). The certificate of an officer that a written instrument was sworn to by the individual who signed it. Jurat is derived from jurare, Latin for “to swear.” It is proof that an oath was taken before an administering officer, such as a notary. In an Affidavit, a jurat is the clause at the end of the document stating the date, place, and name of the person before whom it was sworn.
Contributions of Certisio Mobile APP To be consistent with facts mentioned and signed at the end of a document stating the date, place, and name of the person before whom it was sworn, signatories will be at ease, with evidences and proofs brought. Those proofs and elements could be brought by themselves or by third parties. Therefore, the burden of the proof will be automatically transfered to the opposing party

Permanent advice. At anytime, it would be wise for everyone, to take certified photos with tools such as certisio mobile APP. Each photos (hash) are recorded immediately in the blockchain, saving time, workload and litigation. The final certificate brings in a single pdf envelope all data (items) as well as meta data (GPS location, links to blockchain record, digital signature, maps, strreview link, etc.)


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