Proof of Existence vs Proof of Ownership

Joe Naylor is the President and CEO of ImageRights International, is right when he wrote the Proof of Existence Is Not Proof of Ownership.

The process of collecting and submitting data (photo or video) of Certisio is designed to avoid security failure and attribution questioning. The owner of the mail address is the person identified as the owner of the smartphone when he/her registered and validated the address before using the services. Certisio applied a chain of security steps to bring a maximum of trusted on the picture taken.

Of course, for professional photographers, using a smartphone is not so flexible as a professional camera. Nevertheless, it is still possible to use the smartphone with the great improvements brought by the manufacturer. A tradeoff should bring the solution.

The problem of photo ownership existed before the blockchain. Tons of patenting actions are performed every single day by corporates before the opposing party should to it. For arguing, even in the justice court, the ownership of a creation (photo, videos), it is strongly advised to register it before another one will do it. Do it immediately!

You are the owner of many photos and videos, what do you wait for before recording it on the blockchain? Using merkle tree will strongly reduce the cost of the operation and is as efficient  as a single record transaction per photo (maybe a bit longer for the reverse operation demonstration). So don’t waste anymore precious time. Do it now!

An alternative of the classic photo shooting: the use of certisio for belongings

If we consider another way to use photos for claiming the ownership of belongings (bicycle, motorcycle, tools, tv, etc.) without any remaining invoice or receipt remaining, it is very convenient to use an independant mobile APP to keep evidence of each object at a defined location at a datetime, both recorded for ever on the blockchain. This set aside any litigation from insurance or third party what it represents.

To avoid any attempt of undue copyright submission or ownership claim, publish on internet a mini-gallery of picture recorded in a public blockchain. This provides both proof of existence and proof of ownership. You will save time by giving instant evidence of visitor, investigator or legal representatives.